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Thesis Information
Title: On the Gaussian measure over lattices
Adviser: Oded Regev and Yevgeniy Dodis
Institution: New York University
Graduation Date: September 2017

Contact Information
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SIGACT Membership No.: 8465901

Candidate Bio:

"I am a postdoctoral researcher at MIT's computer science department, supervised by Professor Vinod Vaikunthanathan. My research to date has focused mostly on lattices and computational problems on lattices, but I am also interested in theoretical computer science and cryptography more broadly.

I received my PhD from NYU’s Courant Institute, advised by Professors Oded Regev and Yevgeniy Dodis. Before MIT, I was a postdoc at Princeton’s computer science department and a visiting researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study’s math department---both as part of the Simons Collaboration on Algorithms and Geometry."

Teaching Aims:

I love to teach. I am particularly interested in teaching some of the foundational (and beautiful) topics in theoretical computer science, cryptography, and mathematics that amazed me when I first learned them. I have had the opportunity to introduce cryptography to MIT undergraduates and PhD students; to present the concept of undecidability to high school students; to teach my then-fellow NYU PhD students about lattices (one of the main topics of my research); to show broad audiences their first public-key encryption scheme; and to introduce number fields to cryptography MIT PhD students and postdocs. I have also tried to reach larger audiences and begun to mentor PhD students.

Paper 1:

A reverse Minkowski theorem. Oded Regev and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz. STOC, 2017.

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Paper 2:

(Gap/S)ETH Hardness of SVP. Divesh Aggarwal and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz. STOC, 2017.

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Paper 3:

Solving the Shortest Vector Problem in 2^n time via Discrete Gaussian Sampling. Divesh Aggarwal, Daniel Dadush, Oded Regev, and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz. STOC, 2015.

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Keywords: cryptography, lattices

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